Tuesday, 9 March 2010

O V E R H E A R D //

I have been keeping a little visual diary over the last few years, filled with bits and bobs collected along the way, photos, bus tickets, addresses, flyers, notes from friends, maps, rotas for work, appointments etc... they're slighty smaller than A5, and it was in an attempt for me to stop hoarding memories. If it fits in the book, it stays.. if it doesn't, it has to go.

These are a collection of phrases and funny thing overheard by friends and strangers that I particularly liked or found funny. They were a big hit with everyone who had a look through my little black books.

I've been really slack of late, so thought if I put them up on here it would remind me to keep my ears open and jot down the results.

Hopefully I'll have more to add soon...