Tuesday, 12 June 2012

W E / A R E / O / A //

Come down to Visions Video Bar on 22nd June for some retro-futurism; appealing to people who fondly remember the glitches of VHS and the warped sounds of old tapes.
"O/A is one to watch for if you have a taste for dreamy synths and Drexciyan inspired soundscapes"

Tickets are available through Resident Advisor... 


Wednesday, 6 June 2012

L O V E L Y / J U B B L Y / J U B I L E E //

So our dear Queen Elizabeth II has had a whopping 60 years on the throne! 
She was super good to her people by giving us two extra days national holiday... and we took full opportunity in London to help her celebrate in style.

My good friend Suzie held a 'Jubilicious' party at her house on Sunday... we wore red, white & blue, ate delicious food, drank copious amounts of Pimm's and played 'Pin the Crown to the Queen'. Brilliant fun! :)

On Monday, we went to The Star of Bethnal Green's Jubilee street party...

It was patriotic partying at it's best... Made me proud to be British! 
R O Y A L / B R I T A N N I A //