Thursday, 31 May 2012

J A H / J A M A I C A N / B B Q //

My friend Hanna & I decided to seize the opportunity to enjoy the glorious sunshine with a few of our good friends in the shape of a Jah Jamaican BBQ... 
We transported a little bit of the Caribbean up to London Fields (with the help of some lovely friends... Nick, Maria & Ross we THANK you!) in the shape of jerk-seasoned chicken & vegetables, garlic & ginger sweet potatoes, pineapple & mint salsa, corn on the cobs, coconut rice & peas, tropical fruits, rum and Red Stripe beers. 

My friend Kev had kindly lent me his boom box, so with an iPod loaded full of Reggae tones, blankets laid out, rum punch bowl filled, head scarves in place, beers cracked open and the Barbequicks on standby, we were all set for our guests to arrive...

...And maaaaan did they arrive! :) :) :D 

We had such an amazing turn-out, probably more than either Hanna or myself had anticipated. It really was a day of peace, love & understanding, interjected with a good few Wray & Nephew rum shot speeches from Hanna! 

Biggest thanks to everyone who turned up with beautiful food, drinks, laughter and smiles... and most of all to Hanna for the best Sunday afternoon sunshine idea EVER!


Sunday, 20 May 2012

R O I D // M O R E / T H A N / E V E R //

ROID's debut solo show at The Old Truman Brewery on Thursday 31 May. 

RSVP to:

 I first met ROID at Fabric many moons ago through a mutual interest of Italo Disco and all things synth. It wasn't until months later that I discovered that he is also an epic graffiti artist to boot. I mean, seeeeeriously talented!

Monday, 7 May 2012

S C H E I ß / D I E / W A N D / A N //

I met up with bestest mate Stu for breakfast the other Saturday morning at our favourite local greasy spoon. 
He was playing host to a group of German (Berlin based) skateboarders whilst they were staying here in London, and the whole gang were there to greet me across the formica table top in the caff - Vale, Ente, Hirschi and Twigga. 
We discussed this summer's Bright skateboarding trade show, the London skate spots and landmarks and our plans for the day (they were off to skate Westminster and check out Big Ben.. I was looking forward to an afternoon of domestic chores. Meh).  
We did however arrange to meet later that evening for drinks at The Royal Oak...
...Hirschi showed me his photos of Big Ben and Tower Bridge, with his middle finger placed proudly in front of each landmark in the shots. 
I learnt to say 'shit up the wall' in German and taught them our very English expression of 'shit the bed' as opposed to 'shit in the bed'! 
My fears of going to Bright on my own soon faded away with offers from all the guys to 'make good party' whilst I'm in Berlin and Twigga assured me that he could help me gain access into Spreepark (the former GDR style abandoned amusement park) to take photographs of the decaying fibreglass dinosaurs and dilapidated roller-coaster rides that I'd seen in the film 'Hanna' not so long ago. :)

The next day we all met at The Mangle, headed back to the caff to fill up on bubble & squeak, and for some, apple pie...
...then took the scenic route along Columbia Road flower market (where Twigga got a little distracted by a couple of Pearly Queens, but couldn't understand a word they were saying, as their 'accents were too strong' and he was 'too gentle to stop the conversation'), down to Hearn Street car park where Streetfest was being held...

Although the weather wasn't that great, we all had fun, Bromley let us tag his wall under his cheeky goblin, we chatted to Berlin based street artist Billy & Alex, sunk a few drinks and I learnt to say more words in German. Auspuff and Gürteltasche being my favourites! :D 

Zee Germans had to leave halfway through the day to catch their flight back to Berlin, but not before the obligatory group photos...
 With friendships formed and the word 'Juli' learnt too, it was time to say Auf Wiedersehen...