Wednesday, 6 June 2012

F I R S T / T H U R S D A Y S / ( J U N E ) //

First Thursdays tomorrow and two shows are on the cards...

'Hive' by Philip Smiley at DreamBagJaguarShoes
"An all encompassing, human scale ‘paper theatre’ installation focused around a theme of summer, honeycomb and bees (including an extensive list of honey inspired drinks and cocktails)."

'The Procession to Caute' by Tom Edwards at Beach London
"His loose, comic style works are an insight into his slightly unhealthy imagination - filled with cats, tapestries, wizards on magic carpets, daggers, sorcerors and lots of other weird shit."

I first fell in love with the work of Tom Edwards after flicking through a copy of his 'Nine Tales' book at Pick Me Up earlier this year and spotted a page adorned with skateboarding cats... 
... That kinda sealed the deal for me. 

Hope to see you all tomorrow! :D

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