Tuesday, 14 August 2012

B R I G H T / B E R L I N //

In a nutshell... Berlin is now my FAVOURITE European city. By far! 

I went out there in early July for the Bright skateboard trade show to support Stu & Lilli with their Lovenskate stand, celebrate my birthday, catch up with both my English friends who had recently moved to Berlin and see our German friends we had met in London back in May. 

I had planned on going to the Bauhaus museum, Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe and also get into the abandoned Spreepark to take some photographs of the decaying amusement rides and attractions. I did nothing of the sort!
I mainly hung out with the boys at Search & Destroy skate shop and the Franken Bar...  

...I spent my time at Bright running around grabbing as much free stuff as I could (stickers and booze mainly), or soaking up the rays outside by the skate course...
I did however get taken into a labyrinth, partied on one of Berlin's man-made beaches along the Spree river as well as going clubbing above an indoor skatepark in an old disused train depot... Unique as well as unforgettable!
I met some insanely rad people in Berlin... Sami, SaraCäptn Clepto to name but a few. 
I have booked flights to go back to Berlin in January for the winter 2013 Bright trade show.... and I'm hoping to catch up with all these crazy mutter fickers again!

P R O S T / M O T H E R / F U C K E R S //

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