Thursday, 8 March 2012

C I T Y / O F / R A T S //

To mark the 25th anniversary of Slam City Skates (Europe's oldest skate shop), Slam held the premiere screening of 'City of Rats' the first Slam City film by Henry Edwards-Wood at the Prince Charles cinema near Leicester Square. My good friend Jasmine had bought a bunch of tickets in advance and gave us the heads up, so I of course jumped at the chance!
I had missed the London premiere of 'Machotaildrop' a couple of years ago (much to my dismay... I LOVE THAT FILM!), so this was to be my first experience of watching a skate film at a cinema. Ever.

The weather was typically English. Cold, damp, grey and drizzly... the perfect setting for a film showcasing our capital city's skate scene. But the atmosphere inside more than made up for the weather outside. It was loud and boisterous, just like that of a proper family knees-up.

The film was beautifully shot and well executed. There were the typical "Ooooooh!" moments when someone slammed and ate dirt, the crowd cheering when one of their friends was on screen (which was pretty much right the way through the hour-long film) or when a big trick was landed. Then there were some proper laugh out loud moments... I don't want to spoil it for you, but the rap at Southbank and the deck in the Thames spring to mind immediately! Ha!
My big hollas went to Street Panther, Arran 'Slam Bear 'Gregory & Lucien Clarke. BRRRRRAAAP!

It was great to recognise local spots, familiar names and faces and most of all, see a film that is set in London, that actually represents the London I know and love.

Martyn Thomas & Robert Wiseman lending their views... you can just about catch me in the background towards the end sheltering under my umbrella. I is well famous.

You can pre-order your copy of 'City of Rats' HERE.

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