Monday, 12 March 2012

R O L L I N G / B A C K / T H E / Y E A R S //

Back in January I was invited to the 'Rolling Back The Years' exhibition at Red Gallery by my best friend Stu. Considering I hadn't seen all of my nearest and dearest on New Year's Eve, it seemed like the perfect excuse to see all my friends, support Stu with his Lovenskate deck he was exhibiting and take in some art over a few cheeky beers.

Stu's 'Davross Pro Model' & French's 'Gold Skull'

It was an E P I C night! Had some seriously good fun, surrounded by so many of my good friends... the decks, prints and photos were fantastic and the band 'Ssssnakes' really got everyone in the party vibe.

Stu gave me a zine, which gave all the background behind the deck itself...
'The Story and the Making of the Davross Pro Model by Lovenskate.'

My friend Gorm took this rather lovely photo of me in front of the art.

We all ended up carrying the party on after the exhibition down the road at The Old Blue Last and considering it was school night, everyone was on top form! Fantastic start to 2012.

Limited-edition prints from the exhibition are available to buy from Huck magazine's online shop.

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