Monday, 5 March 2012

M A D E / B Y / B R O M L E Y //

Back in 2010 I ordered a tee online from a friend-of-a-friend in the UK skate scene. It was hand-screen printed, monochrome and at a bargain price. It came with this rad little card with a message from the maker on the back...

A few months later and I had moved from Kent to East London. In the October of the same year I was attending my friend Lilli's birthday party at The Stag in Hampstead. As we finished our last round of drinks and were bagging up Lilli's presents and getting ready to head to Lilli's flat, I was handed one of these from a guy called Bromley...

The penny dropped! It was the guy behind the mysterious NGU Sucker tee and most of all, that rad little Gnar Bunga Mutants card. :)

Last April I went to Jaguar Shoes' 'THREEDEE' exhibition opening night. Bromley was there again, this time exhibiting a rather large 3-D totem pole featuring some more of his colourful characters.

Then in August I went to the 'Out of Stock' exhibition opening night at Stolen Space. Bromley again was representing with a larger than life 'Stockwell Slasher Goblin'. Amazing night, surrounded by amazing people, looking at some amazing skate-related art. Washed down with lots of free booze. Which in turn, got us all hyped-up for the 'Vans Downtown Showdown' a few days later round the corner at Old Spitalfields Market.

The day of the 'Vans Downtown Showdown' arrived and along with it, the rain. I made my way to the Lovenskate stall inside the market to catch up with my friends, sink some ciders and grab a load of freebie Vans goodies (although I really wanted one of those massive orange foam hands. I didn't manage to get one. and none of my friends who had managed to get one would give me theirs. boo.) and wait for the weather to clear.

I had a load of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle bandannas in my bag, Bromley caught sight of them and asked if he could look at them. He asked if he could have one, I said I had a duplicate 'Michaelangelo' one at home so he could have the other one I had with me. I think he was pretty stoked. ;)

In return for the bandanna, he said he would post me some of his prints...

...these two rad prints landed on my doormat a week or so later. :)

I haven't seen Bromley since last year. Well, not in person that is. But I've been spotting his work around East London.

Shutters around Brick Lane & Redchurch Street have been an explosion of colour since the likes of Malarky, Lucas, Mr Penfold, Mr Gauky, Sweet Toof and Billy have been hitting up their magic. So great to see Bromley joining the ranks too!

Seeing my East London as bright and as colourful as I like to be, makes me seriously RADDED OUT by it.

Catch up with Bromley and all his goblins, mutants and zombies at;

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