Monday, 5 March 2012

W H A T ' S / I N / M Y / B E D R O O M //

I'm a nosey bugger me. I love seeing through the windows of people's lit-up properties whilst sitting on the top deck of a bus on dark nights. I also love flicking through interior decorating magazines for inspiration and reading the articles about the people behind the spaces. So when I was approached by fellow Instagramer your_bedroom at the tail-end of summer last year to have my bedroom photographed for her blog What's in your bedroom..., I was excited and intrigued, but also a bit nervous as I was having to find somewhere new to live at the time.
Roll on September 2011 and I had found a new place to live in East London and was settling in nicely. Roll on a further six weeks (due to some clashing diary niggles) and I finally got to meet Olivia and her trusty camera.

It was lovely to finally put a face to a name, find out where the idea for the blog came from and ultimately get to know the lady behind the lens a little bit better. We chatted about everything and anything (for those who know me well enough will know that it was probably me doing most of the talking), we also hit upon our fondness for the British artist Tracey Emin. I lent Olivia 'Strangeland', Emin's autobiography and a friendship was born.

You can see/read my entry here;

I bought a new desk shortly after appearing on What's in your bedroom... Shame. Maybe I'll do it all again the next time I move.

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