Monday, 12 March 2012

T E E B S //

So I went clubbing for the first time this year the other Friday. Actually, it was the first time I'd been clubbing in a-g-e-s. The last time I went clubbing was in August 2010 for Brainfeeder at Hearn Street car park, Shoreditch. So as you can imagine, for me to want to go clubbing... the line-up has to be completely wowtastic. Soundcrash had that said line-up.

I had an awesome time, Teebs stole the show for me musically and I muscled my way to the front to get a better view and have a dance, albeit a bit squashed. But then that's where all the fun stuff happens, non?!?!! ;)

Roll on Tuesday 6th March and Rhythm Factory had organised a free night exhibiting Teebs' artwork in the front bar and also had a free after-party in their back room with an epic line-up!

TEEBS (Brainfeeder) - live

SAMIYAM (Brainfeeder) - live

KUTMAH (Hit+Run/Dublab)

STARKEY (Civil Music/Planet Mu)

BLUE DAISY (Black Acre)

KUHN (Civil Music/Astro Nautico)

+ Streets Of Beige DJs

If the truth be told, the Tuesday night was better than the Friday. I was first in the queue for the free guest list, I got to speak to Teebs a bunch of times about his artwork, the curry houses of Brick Lane and the appreciation of the London love; surrounded by a good group of my friends, as well as faces I recognised from the Friday show. The vibe was so much more intimate than that of Village Underground, it felt like we were all part of some exclusive club. The fact that the artists were hanging out in the front bar, checking out Teebs' artwork and chatting to all of us, made for a really special night.

Teebs is such a talented guy. He skates, he makes beautifully colourful artwork as well as making melodic soundscapes that I could happily listen to all day, every day. Top that off with a cracking smile and a warm, relaxed persona and you basically have my dream dude. What a dreamy dude! *swoon*

I cycled down to Rhythm Factory this Tuesday just gone and bought myself one of Teebs' prints. It's an A3 print featuring his take on the Brainfeeder logo.

To see more from the man behind the beats and the art head to;

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